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Do not resuscitate

In 2011 it was reported in the Daily Mail that an 81 year old mother and grandmother who was determined that she should not be resuscitated paid £5 and had “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” tattooed on her chest. Having a good sense of humour she also had P.T.O tattooed on her shoulder in case she should […]

Are you a Sole Trader with your own business?

If you have your own business and were ill or in hospital who could keep the work going and ensure that bills and staff were paid? It is possible to make a lasting power of attorney specifically for your business to ensure that someone you trust can access funds and sign cheques etc.

Once appointed, can you remove an attorney?

Clients sometimes ask whether they can remove an attorney that they chose when the deed was registered but who is now, for whatever reason, unsuitable. The answer is that, yes, you can by making a “deed of partial revocation”. The only caveat is that you could only do this if you still had capacity. If […]

A Quote from Roger Ramsden, former Chief Executive Officer of Saga

“Obtaining a lasting power of Attorney saves families an enormous amount of heartache when a loved on becomes incapacitated. For the individual who has granted a lasting power of attorney it also puts their mind at rest that they will have someone they trust acting on their behalf if the worst happens. Getting the right […]